Think and Play with Robots

Suitable ages: 3-7 years old

Self-Driving Car

Develop the algorithmic skills

There are eight different levels with activities to develop the algorithmic skills:(1) Read the codes; (2) Write the codes; (3) Problem-solving with coding skills; (4) Finding the alternate solutions to a problem.

Ella and Her Grandma

Understanding the directions and steps

There are eight topics with different challenges for young kids (3-5 years old): Follow the given step and execute; find out the directions for 2 given steps; given the beginning and ending points, find out the steps; learn to pause in the middle of the steps.

The Delivery Man

Learn To Measure the distance and determine the directions

Learn to measure and code the robot to travel from one point to another; learn to code to travel to multiple points; find the shortest route.


Jack and Jill Visit The Exhibition

Develop the various skills in 3D Printing

Eight different activities to promote different skills in using 3D pens to solve problems: Trace a 3D object; building a 3D objects; developing a 2D object with decorations; Join 2D surfaces to become a 3D object.


Learn to focus on the relevance

Professor Kumar and The Crown

Code with different combinations of colours: Apply two different codes in making decisions; Apply four different codes in making decisions; problem-solving with colour coding; determine the relevance and plan the solutions.

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