Exploratory STEM

Ages: 3-7

Technology & Engineering

The efficiency, simplicity and automation

Technology and engineering as content area have a practical nature and includes elements, such as building and making. These could therefore benefit adjustment towards the more subject-oriented pedagogy in which the stories and activities articulate that children should be encouraged to explore and investigate technology and engineering in different ways. 



Come to know the nature

Check out our fun nature facts for kids and learn about a range of awesome topics including the natural environment, interesting wildlife, recycling, plants, animals and more. Enjoy amazing information and cool facts about everything through stories. Read on and have fun learning about nature!



Discover facts through experiments

Introduce six stories to uncover the various interdisciplinary concepts through investigative activities. For fostering scientific learning in early childhood, active, hands-on learning is very important. Science experiments promote the development of scientific thinking in students. Rather than making the kids memorise the facts, they are made to think and understand things and the world around them.


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