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Courses for children to acquire the concept of coding with Sensors

Suitable for children aged: 7-12

Online zoom teaching sessions to learn coding with micro: bits and sensors. The session will cover various projects. The courses are structured in progressive stages for children to create and learn coding. 

Join our activity and learn. Read the story and answer the questions.


The session opens on 10th -12th December 2020.

The activity aims to introduce STEM Education to children aged 7-12 through self-directed activities. Parental guidance at the initial stage is suggested.

28th November (Saturday 2:00pm-2:45pm)

Suitable for participants ages 7-12
MELS STEM Activity
We will publish the top five here soon!

There are two parts:
(1) Get to know AI with Chatbots and Image Recognition (Learning Session); 

(2) Mouse Robot Quiz (Algorithmic Skills)

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