Latest Events

Micro: bits and Sensors

8 lessons Course (Tuesday: 3pm-3:00pm )

Suitable for children ages: 10-12

An online zoom teaching session to learn coding with micro: bits and sensors. The session will cover various projects and how these projects can apply sensors to collect data and solve problems.

Teaching Moral and Ethics in Kindergarten

22th August, 10am-11am (A Zoom Training Session by Dr Khoo)

Suitable for preschool teachers, principals and parents. 

The training will introduce effective and meaningful teaching ideas of moral and ethics lessons in kindergartens. The methods include storytelling, case-study/classroom discussion and games in preschool classrooms.

STEM Knowledge Games

8 lessons Course (Saturday 1130am-1200noon)

Suitable for children ages: 7-9

An online zoom teaching session to learn how to construct data structures and sequence the steps to solve problems with robotic mouse.

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