Learning Materials and Courses

MELS offers clients a variety of educational services including independent learning system, classroom learning materials and helping you to provide teaching services as a professional trainer.

As an Multimodal Educational Supply provider we believe that individuals ‘read’ the world and make sense of information by means other than traditional reading and writing. These multimodes include linguistic, visual, audio, spatial, and gestural ways of meaning-making. Central to the concept of 'multimodal e-learning' is the belief that individuals in a modern society need to learn how to construct knowledge from multiple sources and modes of representation.

Independent Learning System (NEW)

Develop the three competences of self-directed learning: Identify the learning needs, set learning goals and evaluate the learning outcomes.

MELS Centre

Establish your professional teaching career and guide your learners

Kindergarten Classroom Learning Materials

Phonics-44 and Reading, Hands-Skills & Essential Cognition Development (FCD), Maths with Higher Order Thinking Skills, Science as a learning process of 'coming to know' & value and ethic for children

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