Learn From Home

The Lessons and The Practices

Choose the discipline that interests you to continually expand your knowledge with our multimodal learning materials. Find out the assessment score and decide the next levels. Make lifelong learning part of your life!


Determine the discipline of interests, understand the expected learning outcomes and set your learning goals. We will design the learning journey. The course will provide periodic assessments to monitor your progression. Student learning outcomes articulate what a student should know or can do after completing the course. Select what you want to accomplish and study the learning outcomes. Set your goal: how often you want to learn each week and the duration you want to complete the module. Register an account, purchase points and complete your weekly tasks.

Learning Institutes

Learning institutes (kindergartens/Schools) can embrace the system to automate a school's diverse operations: provide students' with learning materials to "learn from home", assign practices and check the results. The learning institute will have a master account. The account allows the user to read the report of the students' practices; view various topics and the assessments. The current learning platform adopts the point deduction system. Each time the student/parent attempts the learning materials/practices, points will be deducted. To add the points into your account, the students/parents will need to top up their account. The institute will send the "code" to the students/parents. After the parents/students have attempted lessons /practices, the results will automatically be sent to the master account of the institute (Please contact us: info@mels.hk for further information.)


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